Hydrobates Management Systems Solutions Overview

Hydrobates provides an extensive enterprise-wide range of IT solutions to suit your organizational needs in the ever-changing business world where growth and profit margins are at a premium, it is critical that your information technology is leveraged to provide high efficiency and utmost reliability while considering future IT and organizational scalability adjustments.

We take away complex IT problems that you face on a day to day basis and turn them into a software solution that helps you with critical business decision making, business process management, reporting, monitoring and controlling, and affords your business to gain competitive advantage and to thrive in these tough business economic times. We offer the following :

At Hydrobates Management Systems, we are not limited to software development. We provide strategy consulting and business analysis for organizations that needs to develop and implement a new IT strategy or modify an existing one. We offer the following:

  • ~ IT Strategy Consulting
  • ~ IT Project Management
  • ~ Business analysis
  • ~ Software Architecture Design
  • ~ IT Research

We pride ourselves in being one of the world’s leading cross-platform mobile application development company, our mobile applications offer advanced functionality combined with rich graphics for your employees, clients, and\or suppliers on the move. Our platforms include:

  • ~ Android Development
  • ~ Blackberry Apps
  • ~ iOS Development
  • ~ Windows Mobile Development
  • ~ Symbian OS
  • Web applications and
    Website development

Full website design solutions that includes the design of your rich graphical website with the latest technology, weekly or monthly update and maintenance to your website, refurbishment of existing website, and hosting of the website. This also includes:

  • ~ Web Design and Development
  • ~ Web Applications
  • ~ Web Hosting
  • ~ Intranet Systems
  • ~ E-Commerce Sites
  • Enterprise resource planning

Hydrobates Management Systems delivers a cross-functional enterprise system driven by an integrated suite of software modules that supports the basic internal business processes of your company and gives you an integrated real-time view of your core business processes. Functional areas includes:

  • ~ Financial accounting
  • ~ Human resources and call centre systems
  • ~ Supply chain management
  • ~ Project management
  • ~ Customer relationship management
  • Database and data warehouse development

We create special types of data warehouse using different types of database technologies that act as the central repository for your company data, from SQL to No SQL databases to suite your data needs. We use a hybrid of DBMS technologies to suite your company needs, such as:

  • ~ MS SQL Server
  • ~ My SQL
  • ~ MongoDB
  • ~ Graph Database Neo4j
  • ~ Apache
  • Software Testing

Software Testing is a vital phase of any software before deployment and is often overlooked until glitches arises which turn out to be more costly. At Hydrobates Management Systems, we have an extensive and effective Software Testing Methodologies for any software to ensure that it’s ready for deployment to end-users, these includes:

  • ~ Unit Testing
  • ~ Integration Testing
  • ~ System Testing
  • ~ Acceptance Testing
  • ~ Compatibility Testing
  • BI reporting and Business Performance Management

Let Hydrobates Management Systems transform your raw data into meaningful and useful information that critical decision can be made from. Our BI reporting systems can handle large amounts of information to help identify and develop new opportunities for your organizational growth. We offer:

  • ~ Dynamic custom dashboards
  • ~ Forecasting Tools
  • ~ Analytics Tools
  • ~ Technical report
  • ~ Knowledge management Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Still not appearing in search engine results? We offer a comprehensive online marketing solution that increases your online visibility and attracts traffic to your website. The higher your website appears in search engines, the more traffic you will attract to your website. This offers several advantages including:

  • ~ Higher Brand Credibility
  • ~ Better ROI than normal Ads
  • ~ Expand customer base and target audience
  • ~ Beat Your Competition
  • ~ Measurable results
  • Graphic Design

We believe Graphic Design goes beyond pictures and animations; your commercial identity condenses the entire character of the company, we create eye capturing, rich graphics that stands out and manifests your organization as a unique brand. We offer:

  • ~ Branding and Brand Redevelopment
  • ~ Corporate Identity Manuals
  • ~ Business Cards and Logo design
  • ~ Posters, Flyers and Catalogues
  • ~ Gift Packaging and Greeting Cards
  • Data provision, cleansing, and capturing

We offer a Information Bureau System created from our own census; our databases are continuously updated and covers’ the entire republic. We are able to extract very specific human demographic data (ID Number, contact details, Email and residential address etc...) depending on the client’s requirements. We provide:

  • ~ Data Provision
  • ~ Data Management and Cleansing
  • ~ Data profiling
  • ~ Data-Capturing
  • ~ Research and segmentation
  • Networking and Communication services

A proper computer network is vital for any organization’s communication and survival, we offer computer networking solutions (wired and wireless) that incorporates all sorts of peripherals (Printers, Laptops, Tablets and phones). We setup servers, computers, routers, and WiFi hotspots to fully equip your office. This includes:

  • ~ Network setup, Management, and support
  • ~ WiFi hotspot setup and protection
  • ~ Hardware installation and support
  • ~ VPN (Virtual Private Networks) setup
  • ~ Server Installations and Upgrades
  • ~ IT Help Desk
  • Business contingency planning and Disaster recovery

As an organization, you must have a contingency plan for your daily operations and your vital information. We offer business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for organizations in the event that an undesirable situation occurs that cripples their information systems and operations. We offer, but not limited to:

  • ~ Business continuity plan (BCP)
  • ~ Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)
  • ~ Crisis Communication Plan (CCP)
  • ~ Critical Infrastructure Plan (CIP)
  • ~ Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
  • ~ Information System Contingency Plan
  • Training facilitation

In order for your employees, clients, and supplier to reap the rewards of your software investments, they must be able to optimally use the software to be productive, ease employee frustration, and you get return on investment in lesser time frames. We offer the following training to end-users:

  • ~ Word processing, Presentation, Spreadsheet software
  • ~ Operating System
  • ~ Email and Internet
  • ~ New Software training
  • ~ Computer basics